News Gibbs enjoys tackling local issues in second term as Summit County commissioner

June 14, 2017

BRECKENRIDGE — Dan Gibbs is in a good place: Summit County, where he is one of three members of the Board of County Commissioners, a job he’s held for five years.

It’s a different life for the 38-year old Gibbs, who spent four sessions at the state Capitol: one year in the House and three in the Senate. He decided in 2010 to forego the life of a rural senator and head home for good, or at least for a good while.

One of the things Summit County Commissioner Dan Gibbs says he appreciates most is being able to ride his bicycle to work in Breckenridge. Since he didn’t have his helmet with him when a photographer visited, he nonetheless wanted to show off his wheels.

Living full-time in Summit County, with his home just blocks away from the county government office in Breckinridge, has had its advantages, the married father of a 16-month old daughter says with a smile. “It’s a different quality of life than commuting to the state Capitol every day.”

He’s retained his passion for transportation and, as chair of the I-70 Coalition, gets to continue working on some of the same issues as he did in the Legislature, but in a more “intimate” way, he told The Colorado Statesman. “It’s the nitty-gritty of problem-solving,” he says, discussing a commissioner’s involvement with transportation issues.